INNOTEK Swiss Group SA

INNOTEK Swiss Group SA is an innovative company.The main expertise and key domain are product development, project management. Many differents competencies are represented in our company. If you want to develop innovative product, you are at  the right place and INNOTEK Swiss Group SA will help and guide you to reach your target. Our focus and belief: " Technical innovation is the driving force".

Develop whole products based on stunning innovations for manufacturers of Household Electricals. Our first innovation :A new revolutionary application for Instant Water Warming, faster, consuming less power and more reliable. Fieds of potential applications : any household electrical product requiring to heat water (coffee machines, washing machines, etc..). If you are interested and want more details, please feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

Key Experiences

    © Research and study (pre-conceptual and conceptual design). 
    © Electronics and Mechanical development and industrialization  
    © External partners management (Including Designer, suppliers, mold makers etc..).  
    © Production partners management, Mass Production ramp-up and follow-up. 
    © Project management (including costs, resources, analysis, etc..).  
    © Quality management (QA risk management, root cause analysis, FMEA, etc..). 
    © Technical support, management, marketing and communication, Sales strategy.
    © System integration.